Expert Physical Therapy For Pain Relief

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The ASTYM system is a rehabilitation treatment that provides a breakthrough in the management of industrial injuries. The system identifies and treats abnormalities within soft tissue and results in rapid pain relief and improvement in function.

What can the ASTYM System do for your company?

  • Effectively treat cumulative trauma disorders and other injuries.
  • Decrease medical and non-medical costs.
  • Reduce lost and restricted days.
  • Keep workers on the job during the treatment process.
  • Decrease the need for surgeries.
  • Decrease the need for splints and braces.
  • Reduce injury recurrence.
  • Enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Resolve tough cases/claims.

How does it work?

  • Specially designed instruments are used non-invasively along the skin to identify and treat areas of dysfunctional tissue.
  • The instruments stimulate remodeling and regeneration of soft tissue. Employees may experience transient soreness and / or bruising as the healing process occurs.
  • A regimen of stretching and exercise guides the soft tissue remodeling in stronger, healthier patterns.
  • The employee remains on the job , which provides the appropriate stresses necessary for optimal healing.

Whats different about the ASTYM System?

  • The ASTYM System is a successful front line therapy and is also effective when utilized after other approaches have failed.
  • The ASTYM System often allows workers to stay on their job without restrictions or splints.
  • The ASTYM System addresses the underlying cause and subsequent compensations from the disorders, not just the symptoms.
  • The ASTYM System helps the employees body successfully adapt to the demands of the job.
  • Thousands of diagnosis-specific outcomes have been collected and provide guidelines for the number of therapy sessions and the probable outcome for each diagnosis.
  • Clinical, Scientific and outcomes research document the effectiveness of the ASTYM System.
  • The ASTYM System was pioneered by Thomas L. Sevier, MD and has been used by rehabilitation professionals since 1996.
  • The ASTYM System treatment typically requires only 6-12 sessions ( 3-6 weeks).
  • Employees are discharged from therapy with improved function, decreased pain and the knowledge of how to manage the physical stresses incurred on the job.