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Education of our patients is not an afterthought, it is an integral part of each and every treatment session. We strongly feel that when patients are informed about their problems and are actively involved in their own care, they have the best chance of attaining full recovery and reaching their goals as soon as possible. This approach empowers patients to “take control” and become responsible for their own health.

Research has shown that when patients are informed and educated regarding their physical problems as well as motivated to become a part of the treatment plan rather than playing a passive “fix me “ role, the outcome of treatment is much more positive and sustained for longer periods of time. We feel it is our duty to educate patients regarding the nature their problems as well as inform them of the best available methods for resolution. Patients deserve and are entitled to this information and it is necessary for recovery to be truly complete.

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Physical Therapy Boise ID

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Kinesio Taping

Physical Therapy Boise ID

The Kinesio Taping® (KT) Method is the rehabilitative application of Kinesio® Tape to facilitate the body's natural healing process.


Physical Therapy Boise ID

Instruments stimulate remodeling and regeneration of soft tissue.

Active Release

Physical Therapy Boise ID

Active Release Techniques, as the name implies, uses motion to fix the problem.

McKenzie Method

Physical Therapy Boise ID

Most researched physical therapy based method available.

Manual Therapy

Physical Therapy Boise ID

Techniques may include soft tissue mobilization, traction, joint mobilization, joint manipulation, passive range of motion, and more..

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  • The best care, experience and progress I have ever received during physical therapy. I would 100% recommend APT to anyone!!


  • I would recommend physical therapy here to anyone. They are the BEST!!

    Stan L.

  • I am so pleased with the therapy I received. Al Jones - THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You are a very special person and care taker. You've hired and employ wonderful people with joy and a willingness to help patients. This truly goes a long way. Don't change a thing!

    Jeff W.

  • Al and all his staff are wonderful caring people. They are personable and kind. I have and will continue to recommend them to family and friends. Today is my last appointment and I will miss coming here. I am walking without my. Thank you for your wonderful care.

    Bonnie C.

  • I attend Advance Physical Therapy for back and knee pain. Al Jones is an outstanding Therapist and his staff is very friendly and helpful. I have benefitted greatly by the assistance of the staff and Al.

    Bruce D.

  • I came in with hip discomfort to see Al. This wasn’t my first time to see Al before. Now my hip feels better. I liked the hands on activity compared to just being stuck on a bike. I was always satisfied after each visit. The staff is timely and Al provides a good diagnostic each time I come in. I definitely recommend to any friends.

    Jim S.

  • I enjoyed everything in Al’s physical therapy business. I have recommended Al to various friends.

    Jan A.

  • Will highly recommend to friends, family, and co-workers.

    Jay V.

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