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"I came to Advanced physical therapy with a back injury that I thought for sure would require surgery. I had injured it the same way years before and had surgery. Al was honest with me about my injury and explained that if it was something that could be fixed it was up to me to do the stuff and follow his plan. I am so thankful that I found these guys. My back was restored and I actually enjoyed going to physical therapy. I haven't had any trouble with it and it's been about 2 years. I should have known I was in the right place when I was greeted by Harry the first time I walked in the door! "
Sep 07, 2018


So grateful for the help. I feel so much better! Thank you.  -Gretchen H.

My time at Advance Physical Therapy has been very beneficial to my overall health and well being. The staff has been very supportive, understanding, and helpful in guiding me in proper techniques and expected results. Thank you all for your help and support. -Mike L.

I think I really benefitted from my physical therapy! My family is very impressed!-Doris K.

Appreciated the kind and capable help! I feel like I got the help I needed in a shorter time than anticipated!  -Naomi G.

Wonderful staff, so happy my arm and neck are fixed. I can do the things I love!   -Tammy J.

Al & staff have done a fantastic job! Would Recommend to friends and family .   -Lib C.

Very good facility for what I needed. Highly recommend.    -Louis A.

I would recommend this clinic to friends and family! Definitely great PT!    -Steve C.

The best care, experience and progress I have ever received during physical therapy. I would 100% recommend APT to anyone!!  -Dick

Thanks for All your great care and getting me to where I needed to be at to get me back to riding my horse!  -Sue B.

I just wanted to thank you for getting me to a place of normalcy. Of course I will continue the exercises provided and strengthen all areas of my shoulder. Again thanks for your dedication and a highly recommended business.  -Frankie N.

I recommend anyone that needs therapy to APT.  -Rafael M.

Great staff, learned a lot, helped me tremendously. Would I recommend them to friends? Damn Straight I would!!!             – Paul C.

Many thanks to all the staff for all the help and understanding.  -Joanne W.

Good Job. Very Satisfied. Will be my PT of choice for any future needs.   -Dick E.

Excellent explanation of exercises and expectancies. Superb knowledge in Al and Cody. Great personalities to engage people who may be timid. A front desk that is friendly and thoughtful. Most of all, they fixed my problem. Now they have my wife who will likely report the same.  -Rex L.

Extremely courteous and consciencious staff. Very knowledgable and diligent. Learned a lot about engaging muscles correctly and safely for maximum benefit.   -Rick H.

Thank you to everyone! It was a wonderful experience.   -Sandy C.

I have total confidence in Al and his expertise. Advance Physical Therapy is top notch with friendly personal and a pleasant encouraging environment. Thanks so much for your tender love on the right side of my body as I rehab my leg and for all the time and guidance spent on my shoulder! You’ve helped to return my body back to good health so I can continue to do the activities of my youth. I will not go quietly into old age nor give up doing the things I love the most and your expertise, knowledge of body mechanics and strong hands have made that possible. I am so thankful for you but hope that I can make it through 2018 without your help!   -Mary C.

I want to wish all the staff at Advance Physical Therapy a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for all the great care in the recovery from my knee replacements, last year and this year. You guys are the tops in your field!                 -Jimmy H.

I would recommend physical therapy here to anyone. They are the BEST!!   -Stan L.

I am so pleased with the therapy I received. Al Jones – THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You are a very special person and care taker. You’ve hired and employ wonderful people with joy and a willingness to help patients. This truly goes a long way. Don’t change a thing!  -Jeff W.

Thank you for all you did and for making it fun! The friendliness, the welcome feeling, and taking the time to make sure I understood what I needed to do in each treatment. And talking about stuff I liked makes it more personable.  -Warren C.

APT is the best experience I have ever had with PT. Not only do I feel better after each session, but Al sends me home with exercises custom tailored for my condition. The result is that I have always seen improvement from one session to the next. Not only has APT helped me recover from surgery, but it has helped me avoid further surgery. APT is the GREATEST!  -Preston N.

I have been to several Physical Therapists over 10+ years and Al is by far the best and most knowledgeable therapist I’ve ever been too. I would choose his office again over any other, and I would highly recommend him to anyone!  -Mindi A.

Thank you so much for your recommendation of the pillow. I finally got one, and I absolutely love it. I’m Sleeping better and more comfortably than I have in years, on both my back and my side. The nasal strips are helping me breath better with my C-PAP. Thank you also for that suggestion! Only one headache since I saw you two weeks ago, things are looking up! I am doing the home PT every day. I appreciate your care and expertise so very much!  -Gail V.

I want to thank the staff for their great knowledge of tools they have given me to continually improve my physical abilities, and showing me how to prevent any further injuries. Thank you again.   -Chris P.

I just thought I would take a moment to thank Al Jones, Physical Therapist and his staff at Advance Physical Therapy for their excellent care.  Al is truly a gifted therapist, his ability to diagnose and treat is remarkable. Al cares not only about administering appropriate treatment, but also about teaching his patients so they can continue to improve even after therapy is finished. Advance Therapy is a perfectly equipped facility, the staff is friendly and welcoming. When there, you never feel lost in a crowd. It was a very comfortable and comforting place to be as I was recovering from my hip injury. Al is very knowledgeable and kind. I was very discouraged after my injury, Al was very positive and encouraging. One of the helpful things Al does is he takes photographs of you doing your exercises so you can do them correctly at home.  Al focused my treatment plan not only on me getting back to the things I enjoy, like running and golf; but giving me strategies to be stronger and better at the activities I love. I have recovered completely and would give my highest recommendations to Al and Advance Physical Therapy. There are so many choices for physical therapy in the Valley, but in my opinion, Al Jones is outstanding.  -Jody M.

I have had two arthritic knees that were causing pain from my ankles to my groin area. It was very difficult to do many ordinary things, like walking. The pain intensified at night. After completing my therapy, there is very little pain during the day and night. It is great to be able to do more active things. I have been very surprised and pleased with my therapy.   -Patsy N.

I have used this clinic before and would recommend it to anyone. Everyone is helpful and willing to help you with any questions you may have.   -Rose D.

Will highly recommend to friends, family, and co-workers.   -Jay V.

I enjoyed everything in Al’s physical therapy business. I have recommended Al to various friends.   -Jan A.

I came in with hip discomfort to see Al. This wasn’t my first time to see Al before. Now my hip feels better. I liked the hands on activity compared to just being stuck on a bike. I was always satisfied after each visit. The staff is timely and Al provides a good diagnostic each time I come in. I definitely recommend to any friends.  -Jim S.

I attend Advance Physical Therapy for back and knee pain. Al Jones is an outstanding Therapist and his staff is very friendly and helpful. I have benefitted greatly by the assistance of the staff and Al.   -Bruce D.

Al and all his staff are wonderful caring people. They are personable and kind. I have and will continue to recommend them to family and friends. Today is my last appointment and I will miss coming here. I am walking without my. Thank you for your wonderful care.   -Bonnie C.

My name is Betsy Brunelle and I came to see Al Jones after my physician referred me. I had been having trouble with moderate pain for 5 years and tightness to my IT Band and piriformis muscles. I went to another physical therapist who did soft tissue massage but I never got lasting relief. Al was able to do ASTYM and active release along with stretching of my legs and giving me a home exercise program which included stretches and hip stabilization exercises. After 10 weeks I was able to be discharded as he was able to get to the root of the problem. Thanks so much Al, Cody and Harry! Also thanks to Paula and Catherine for being so nice at the front desk.   -Betsy B.